Monday, August 17, 2009


Today's post is about how proud of myself I feel.

Today I came home from work and proceeded to chop the following items:

One Vidalia Onion
Three Potatoes
Three Red Bell Peppers
Two Orange Bell Peppers
Two Yellow Bell Peppers
One Green Bell Pepper
Two Celery stalks
One Bag of Baby Carrots

These items were chopped to make the following dishes:
*Vegetable Soup for a soup diet
*Vegetable Beef Stew
*And other random dishes I will make with the tons of celery and bell pepper that I have left over.

Just the two dishes I made tonight (the two stews) will feed me for many days lunch and dinner. And I'm making the meatloaf on Thursday for my roommate and I. All in all I'm pretty proud of myself because one they look good, all the colorful vegetables, and two they actually taste good. Which is awesome because I basically made it all up....Well I had a recipe for the soup but pretty much completely changed it. I'm doing the soup diet one with Abbey so I tested it first and let her know that it really does taste pretty good. And I guess it's only like 80 calories a cup so... sweetness. So this is totally random but I just had to share my cooking urge. I'll probably make cookies some time this week as well because they just sound amazing.


Abbey said...

I got very tired of the soup very quickly and needless to say that can't be my method of weight loss. So. On to another tactic. All the food you just talked about looks so freaking good, I can't just eat soup! And only one kind of soup!