Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Recycling and the goodies

First recycling. I now live in a city that is somewhat hippie-ish. Not saying that it's a bad thing but it's definitely something different than what I'm used to. And they recycle everything. There are cans all over the place and seperate trash cans for paper, cardboard, and bottles just in the halls and on the sidewalk. The organization is really quite amazing. I'm just not used to it. I haven't gotten to that point where I just remember what I'm supposed to do. But I'm getting there. Here's the problem though. Here in Michigan, if you return an aluminum can to the right place you get 10 cents for it. Sweet right?! Except it's a complete pain in my arse to do it. I have two bags full of cans that I could get money for if I just took them. But I have to take them to the grocery store that I don't go to, and frankly scares me, and I just haven't done it. And to be honest probably won't I don't even care about the ten cents. I just want to put them in my recycling and be done with it because the cans are cluttering my life! So the I go completely out of my way to get the money for the cans, which my cheap self tells me to do, or do I just put them in the recycling....?

Second point. The phrase 'goodie two shoes' or 'goodie too shoes' I'm not really sure. Here's my thought. Why two shoes? Are you a goodie because you wear two shoes? Or are you a goodie-too shoes because you also have shoes? I just don't understand the origin of the statement I guess and it makes no sense.... These are the things I think about when someone says a well known statement like this to me.... Call me an over-analyst or something.