Thursday, August 20, 2009

I'm a Peanut Butter Brat

You heard me. A peanut butter brat. Aside from just being fun to say, it's also true. There are actually very few things that I must have name brand on. The only other thing I can think of is soda, which is a whole other post/rant. However, peanut butter is definitely one of them. I think because it was bred into me since I was a small child. My mom has tried all kinds of peanut butter... but she's the only one who eats them. All my dad eats is Skippy Extra Crunchy, and for some reason that's all I eat too. I had a brief but intense affair with chocolate peanut butter (anyone remember that stuff?!), but that ended somewhat violently. I can no longer look at it unfortunately. Sadly that's how many of my love affairs end. But back to skippy. It's the only kind of peanut butter I can and will buy. I am reminded here of Brian Regan talking about his mom buying peanut butter. BUY SMOOTH! Haha except I'm opposite. Still a funny man though. So there you go, another look inside my crazy mind. My yummy peanut butter brat mind.


Kara said...

Haha, I was totally thinking of Brian Regan too- "So since you were going to the store anyway, anyway, we were thinking maybe you could just take him to the hospital. And if you're getting peanut butter, BUY SMOOTH!!!" Love it! Brian Regan, that is, I really don't like peanut butter. Its a texture thing.

Abbey said...

I only like the extra crunchy as well, good thing that's what Costco sells. Yeah, eff soup, I'm going to go eat a peanut butter sandwich.