Saturday, February 28, 2009

Today was maybe not my day...

Because Abbey and Ben are in the hospital with Devin my mom and I have been watching Kyndal and tonight with Megan we went to Chipotle to eat dinner. K had a 40 minute nap earlier today so she was wanting to run around and was easily turned into a crazy two year old. I was doing a pretty good job of entertaining her and putting off her melt downs along with mom and Meg's help but then at one point she got just a little overjealous with the arm movements and launched her bowl of beans right into my lap - as seen in the picture.

But the part of this story that is most interesting - from a human nature point of view - is that the beans also got onto my coach purse.... And honestly my thoughts where only these when my mom came to help me. Haha "Can you please just get the beans off my purse, I don't care about my jeans". Haha mom thought I was going to cry but really I half felt please just get the beans off, and half, wow that is an incredibly petty thought. But, I really like my purse. More than my jeans that sort of don't fit anymore.

Then we came home and I changed so that we could all go get a pedicure, and we were walking out and my mom put her drink on the hood of my car. The hood that only yesterday I meticulously cleaned, waxed, and dried, along with cleaning the inside, and the drink just slid off and dumped...on my car and on the legs of the pants I had just changed into. It was nice. My mom I think thought that I was mad at her for spilling the drink...really, I was just annoyed to have to change again and figure out what to wear again. Just one of those days...Lovely as always.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Nephew News

So at 6:22 this morning I became an aunt again with my new nephew Devin Thomas Wiltbank. Since Abbey is still in the hospital I thought that I would post some pictures of him just so the day is remembered. Abbey is doing well after the c-section and likes that she can be taken care of in the hospital, although I think she missed Kyndal. Here's just a few pictures of today when we took K in to see him. There are no pictures of Abbey and don't hold your breath for that one, she declined all media attention. Oh I guess everyone always wants the stats - he was 7 pounds even and 20 inches long with a fair amount of dark hair, but only on the back of his head. What a cutie, already different from K, he's mellow.

K is really good with him, she is always talking about mommie, daddy, at the hospital, babies Devin. She always includes him like she's already accepted him into the fam. It's pretty cute. In this pic she was being 'soft' with the baby which pretty much translates into petting him. But it's effective.

Most likely there will be more to come on this subject : ).

Sunday, February 22, 2009


I was reading over my posts and first I have to say sorry some of them are way incoherent. But the one about Tyson Ritter is still beautiful and I really like looking at that picture. So I was thinking about other things that I love needed to share two of them.

First Gary Sinese. I adore the guy in absolutely everything he's been in. It all started honestly with Of Mice and Men, which is the only movie not involving a dog that has made me cry. But that aside, I love the guy. He reminds me of my dad which is probably a large part of what addicts me to him....but. I watch CSI NY religiously and anything else involving him. Kyndal watches the movie Open Season (and a lot of other cartoons which honestly I don't mind because I always have and always will love cartoons), and Gary is the bad guy. It is the funniest thing ever because the character he plays is off the wall and crazy and Gary Sinese and every other character he has played is serious and intelligent. I flippin love it!

Second love is pictures. I like to take them and I like to try as hard as I can to be artistic... which I'm really not, but I try. So I take tons of pictures and then I like to mess with them on my computer, like the colors and contrast and everything like that. Sometimes they look like crap but sometimes it works out and I have this internal feeling of accomplishment that I made something beautiful and interesting. So I thought I'd share a couple of the pictures I've taken recently and how I changed them...And I'll be proud of myself haha.

So these next pictures my friend and I were driving by this abandoned house and decided to be artistic and complete nerds but we embrace it so it's okay. Try not to look at the ones of me, I think hers look so much better than mine...

Rant of the Day

First I have to say that I now feel a little guilty ranting about what I was going to rant about because I just read Abbey's blog about the baby coming and realize there are maybe more important things than my pet peeves. Hard to accept trust me I know....but. Haha really though I'm excited to have a nephew and happy for Abbey that she'll be having him tomorrow. I hope this one isn't as stressful for her and Ben as the Kyndal was. We loved her but the first month was a little rough...haha I love my dramatic sister. She makes life so much more interesting than mine would be without her.

Oh random funny story about Kyndal before I get ranting... So about a month ago she was doing this thing where she just throws herself backwards onto the couch. Well I was laying there being all sick and tired and she just falls back flat on my nose. For a good ten seconds I was convinced that her head had firmly broken my nose. But lucky for me and the shape of my nose it hadn't happened I was just REALLY bruised. But nothing you could see. I realized today though that it's still bruised...ha that's what brought it to my mind, I accidentally hit myself in the nose and it hurt!

Okay now my rant. I don't like things like lol, u, r, rofl, any type of abbreviation really. This tends to make my text messages long and I'm sorry. But I just don't have it in me to accept this kind of thing. That being said....those ones I can tolerate when other people say them, I experience only a small twinge of annoyance that I can fairly easily just put aside. But the one word that I can look upon with no degree of allowance is any type of abbreviation of enough. I despise(!!!) nuff, 'nough, ANY thing associated with this abomination. I can handle e'nuff said or anything like that but you drop the e and I drop you like a fat kid drops gym. I think it makes you sound like a retard and I can't stand it. So there's my rant after my lovely familyness and how much I love my family.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


So I have this bad habit of just getting bored with things occasionally... it's not really a good thing. But it happens especially when dealing with pictures. For example, I have a profile picture on my facebook page and if I don't change it about every three weeks I get completely bored and dissatified every time I look at it.... Problem is, I'm really picky about what picture I put up so it's a little hard to just change it out. So I have to take new pictures and that's hard....I love to take pictures but they're usually of other people... Oh well, that's just my rant about me not having any good pictures and needing more.

On another note...I just want to comment on the interesting behavior of the media. When they cover some stories with significantly less coverage than others. For example they cover the crap out of Obama signing the stimulus bill that will hopefully help some people and then they don't hardly cover at all the fact that he sends 17,000 more troops to Afghanistan. Hmm.... I'm sure thoere are other examples those just happen to be the ones I have on hand. It's just weird how people can be influenced so greatly. Ooo another example of people being influenced - American Idol. First I watch it, although this year is the first one I've watched it religiously and Tatiana is maybe going to be a serial killer and I'm so so so glad she's off.... BUT, my point here is that people totally listen to the judges, they don't listen to what they hear, they listen to what Paula says. Now granted most the time I agree with Simon and he happens to be my favorite person on the show although Ryan is a close second. People listen more to opinions of people they like than forming their own. Bah, don't really agree with it...but it's people's right I suppose.