Wednesday, August 19, 2009

We're just so much better than you...

I recently realized that I may or may not be an elitist brat....but that aside, my family is just so much better than other peoples'. I was thinking about my family, as I do a lot lately, and realized we are just awesome. Don't get me wrong I know a lot of families of my friends, really really well, and they are really awesome as well. But my family. My family is just amazing. And here's why:

*My favorite thing ever is staying up late playing games and laughing my a** off. We play all kinds of games, card games, skill games, wii, everything. We trade insults and just laugh all the time. I think my favorite game is when we have to adopt different personas. Take for example the game curses. Here we are sitting around making up stories about how we went to prison while Ben is a pirate, Ab has a french accent, Mom is irish talking about her lucky charms, Daddy is women school teacher with a high pitched voice, Megan has to talk without moving her teeth, and I'm Mr. T. Recipe for hilarity basically. I love it. And every time we are together that's what we do. We play games.

*Second thing, we people watch. Haha some might call it judging or making fun. I think those are strong terms...haha we people watch. It's fantastic. Best times of my life.

*We talk, about all kinds of things. We usually end up all intense into our random discussions. And as long as we're not at Olive Garden it's all good. Example. We're playing yahtzee one night in Pagosa Springs, and my mom makes the (mistake) decision to ask what the odds are that you roll a large straight on the first roll. Hahaha three engineers TAKE OFF on this subject and for the next hour argue about what the odds really are. Hahah about this time Abbey jumps in and says "mom, don't ever bring this up again." Ha it was fantastic!

*We love to vacation together. We just love to be together. The best thing is the world is knowing that the people you love want to be around you just as much as you want to be around them. The feeling of knowing that you're going to hang out with these people and have fun and just laugh together. I love it and wouldn't trade it for anything.

So there you go. That's why we're better than you. Haha there are some people I can name that I know are just as good as us but I don't want to be rude...