Monday, January 4, 2010

Holiday Lovin!

I feel like perhaps I have complained a little bit too much about the people I miss. Hopefully I only feel this way because I have been complaining mostly to myself but if I have gone over my "venting time" please forgive me. But in light of the fact that I really have been missing family a lot I thought I would visually explain who the people are I've been missing, then maybe it'll be more understanding that I miss them : ).

These adorable little teddy bears are my three mini schnauzers: Button, Peanut and Kodiak (from left to right). Aren't they unbelievably precious? They are the reason I have been close on multiple occasions to going to the animal shelter and getting a dog in the last four months. Or just taking one of them back with me :)

This is my pretty pretty peanut. You can tell her favorite activity is to lay and just soak up the sun.

Kodi is the most snuggly dog I have ever seen. If you're sitting he's sitting with you

 This is Button. She is the oldest and pretty much keeps to herself unless she really wants to see you. Then she'll come sit next to you and 'allow' you to pet her.

This is my niece-y Kyndal rockin my dad's pajama pants. She's a trip this one.

One of her favorite activities at Thanksgiving. Jumping on the 'trampoween'. Couldn't get enough of it.

Her Christmas present was her addiction when I saw her a couple weeks ago. She can literally walk faster than this thing but that didn't matter. She rode it to her heart's content and then was perfectly happy letting Aunt Heidi carry it the rest of the way to the park.

Haha I got a camera for Christmas and she wanted to look at it so I let her take a picture. Then she posed herself like this and said "Take a picture of me right here". Completely priceless.

My momma and K's little brother Dev. He is happiest when he's being help by just about anyone. And grandma is happy to do it.

Here's they're examining his Christmas present turtle.

He was way more interesting in grandpa's (my papa bear) beard though. He couldn't get enough, completely fascinated by it.

This was the moment before I let K look at my camera, you can see just how much she wanted my camera.

I just had to take a picture of them all playing together. Dev fell but was happy enough to stay there as long as K and grandpa kept getting the balls for him.

Here's Abbey my sis right as my dad gave her a really awesome present of her own.

Hahahaha the hat craziness of my parents. Get's me every time and I love it. They both however were not cold on that night.

We were concentrating really hard on Super Mario Bros.....and failing badly.

This was all four of us playing so my sister Megan and my dad were also concentrating hard as well. You couldn't quite get us here yelling but we were.

Ben, Abbey's husband was waiting his turn....hahah and didn't know his picture was being taken.

Aside from blood family there's the family I miss that I've adopted. Such as Cory (on the right). It took forever for us to get this picture though because there were a bunch of little kids that wanted to go first......weirdos.

And my beautiful Sarah. I miss her mucho in Arizona. We used to have such fun times so we had to meet up again and try on weird hats. Ignore me in this picture.

So there you have it. The family I love and miss. Not all of them of course but a great many of them and our fun times. I love the holidays because we all get to be together and just hang out, play games, shop, anything. LOVE it and can't wait until next year!