Thursday, January 21, 2010

Instead of pondering civil rights

Just quickly some more pictures. For MLK day I decided I didn't need to go to work since I was out of school (although I went anyway later...) and instead spent the day with my ahmazing cousin Julie. She took to this sweet place called Kensington Park. Apparently Detroit metro area has like 17 of these "metroparks" which are just giant natural parks as far as I can tell. But this one is truly awesome, there were tons of lakes and miles and miles of trails and I decided that next Fall I definitely had to go back because just the sheer amount of trees is going to be beautiful. But this day was awesome because it was snowily overcast so it was just pure winter.

Um we saw wild turkeys. It was fascinating. Two of them started fighting and you just couldn't look away.

I was experimenting with the aperature preference feature on my cam

We saw this great tree, it looked like it was glowing. We just ignored the fact that it was probably dying...

Took my pic on this little outlook over a marsh...

There was some random tree that still had their leaves, kind of created a surreal image in the middle of bare trees

And with all the water around there were picturesque streams where you could see deer had been running through

And our last activity of the day was walking out on the frozen lake to take pictures. Julie kept stopping and saying "do you hear that? The ice is cracking!". When she took my picture (now my facebook profile pic) I told her I better not fall through and she responded that she'd give me a nice funeral if I did. Ha so glad we didn't fall through!!