Saturday, January 9, 2010

Takin' the new Cam for a spin!

I'm sure at some point someone will get sick of all my pictures. But really I won't so....tough. You will take what I give you! Hahaha. So here are my adventures of today with my new camera. Today we investigate the use the 'landscape' scene mode. I took some self portraits but I wasn't centered in the pictures so the camera focused on the landscape no me......and I can fix that but it was really bright, really cold, and I look like I have black eyes so perhaps this was a blessing in disguise. Or even not so disguised : ).

So here we go. This first pic is of one of the bridges that crosses the Huron river at this point. There's actually like 10 that look like this but as I mentioned it was cold....
I love the wooden bridge look though. It fits so well into the landscape.

This pic is on the previous bridge. I was completely fascinated by the ice and this was one of the few points you could see through it. I was somewhat conflicted though. On the one hand I was fascinated by the ice but the other I was terrified of the bridge randomly collapsing and plunging me into icy cold water. My thoughts were something like "Whoa how cool. Please don't break creepy bridge. Oh man what would I do if it broke? This looks so awesome. Okay I need to get off this bridge."

I was wishing there was more snow on the trees but it's been a little warmer the past couple days. I still think it was so pretty though.

Around this park there are also like millions of wooden benches and I thought they looked so cute just looking over the water. There was one man just sitting in one but I felt weird photographing him.

I then trecked down to the bridge that takes cars across the river (there's a dam which is why it's incredibly wide here) because I loved the look of the rocks with the snow and ice around them.

Again I was just fascinated with how the ice looked. Looking at how the ice formed is like just sitting watching water rush by and how the little eddies and currents form; completely mesmorizing.

In the fall when Abbey came I took a picture of this same spot with all the fall colors. I like the symmetry of seasons and the new tradition I just created for myself.

You may have noticed that I haven't taken pictures of people with my camera... Well here's one. Again we had some issues with the point of focus : ) But I'm working on that and meanwhile that one part of my hair it focused on looks amazing right?!


Kara said...

Very nice! Love the picture of the tree, the rocks and then the bench with the tree. Excellent use of the Rule of Thirds in those shots, it makes for really interesting images.

Also, with the point of focus thing, you can make your camera focus on what you want and then move the frame of the photo wherever you want, as long as you keep that button pressed halfway down. Admittedly, its a little harder to do when you're taking the picture of yourself . . .

And I think people are the hardest (and thus the most fun) thing to photograph. I do all my practicing on inanimate objects on "photo walks" in fun places. Downtowns are some of the best places to play with all the new settings- mess with aperture, ISO, white balance, focus, framing shots, all totally fun in downtowns!

Heidi said...

Ooo we should do that when I come for spring break!!

Kara said...

Absolutely! I've had fun in ABQ, Phoenix, Mesa & Gilbert. Gilbert's is super small, but kinda fun because it tries to be all westerny and thus makes for interesting shots. I did some senior photos there this week, actually, quite fun!